Caerthalion's Tinkering Calculator
Based on calculation done by Gouru of ACDev and research by Surge of Morningthaw

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Caerthalion's Success Calculator
Based on the essay "The Math Behind the Skill Check" by Topheron

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Surge's Research on Tinkering
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Paraduck's informative writeup on Tinkering
ACLore's Tinkering Reference

Version 1.6.3: 6th August 2003
• Changed Silk to Item Tinkering (Thanks to everyone who informed me of this). And corrected a minor error where Leather did not calculate a difficulty. I mean seriously who uses the tinkering calculator to figure out the success ratio with Leather anyway? *wink*
Version 1.6.2: 25th July 2003
• Hohoooo 450 skill tinkering a workmanship 5 item with workmanship 6 silk should not be 11.11%. This has been fixed. The lesson learnt here is that you should never try to be ninja with code lest you get smitten by the master of wrong fu. This does not make sense but its my chewbacca defense.
Version 1.6.1: 23th July 2003
• Thanks to all those people who talked to me to have their stuff added. I did look through the values and I have added all (I think) the values. I'd like to again thank Gouru for his support and information without which I wouldn't have updated this calculator.
• Again if you wish to use this calculator's code for your own site, please let me know and be sure to link here as well. Cheers and happy Tinkering!
Version 1.6.0: 18th July 2003
• So after all this time I realized I spelt the month of February wrong. Oh yay!
• Updated copper and silver. Added all the other materials whose values I do not have yet. Unfortunately Gouru has stopped using my gateway :( so I am now unable to determine what the data is automagically. Stay tuned for manual updates...
• I haven't done any work on Javascripts in a while... let me know if anything breaks.
Version 1.5.3: 20th Febuary 2003
• I've updated the site with the info on Opal and Moonstone. Thanks to everyone who mailed in.
Version 1.5.2: 9th November 2002
• I'd like to thank everyone who has sent me an email with encouragement and errors. As a result of Spacelord of Leafcull sending me some information that Opal uses Magic Item and not Item, I have corrected that error on my site.
• I've checked with Gouru and he mentions that Opal and Moonstone was not turned on and he will turn them on as soon as he finds the material ID for them. Thanks to everyone who reported this in. Cheers Gouru!
Version 1.5.1: 23rd October 2002
• Okay so I have been working on something else called the Weapon Damage Calculator and been running into a lot of formulas including one that reports that the order of the tinkering is important. Another which says you should do it only a full moon. And a bunch of people who want to add Imbues to it. After much decision I will probably NOT be adding imbues - reasons to be explained later.
• This addition is to add the remainding items that were missing as well as add the other new items added this month, Moonstone, Ivory, Opal and Crack (plus a hojillion to your vision).
• I'd also like to point out that this update would have taken place a lot faster (notice we're still missing Moonstone and Opal) if you downloaded Tink It! and then used it since it automates data submission for you. Help me help you.
Version 1.5.0
• Been a while since the last update. I'd like to thank those who still visit this site and send me advice and suggestions. And I'd like to say sod off to those who use my javascript without giving me the credit for it.
• Oh yeah the update. Thanks to the recent fix I put on the Gateway - Tink It! is can get through and report the value. Which means we now have the very important updates.. Yes.. We have the crafting material to Cheese, Apple Pie and Obsidian.
I lied. We have Fire Opal, Black Opal and Sunstone instead.
• Made some cosmetic changes - added other missing materials and added the % for the 3 Imbue Materials - its not an error it IS that low.
Version 1.4.2
Added Brass, Mahogany, Oak and Linen.
Version 1.4.1
Gouru nails Steel and Iron! Formula updated - it is now perfect.
Version 1.4.0
• Thanks to Gouru we have also figured out that the modifiers itself are variables. To make our calculator more accurate the formula has been altered with that changes.
• Added the information for Velvet, Steel and Iron based on Tink It!'s submission via the Tink It! gateway :)
Version 1.3.1
• Switched from round() to floor() as it seems to give the more accurate number.
Version 1.3.0
• Thanks to everyone who submitted information. Recent discoveries indicate that there are TWO material dependant variables instead of one. Gouru believes that this is key to the formula. As a result I have removed all material except Gold and Steel as they are likely to be highly inaccurate.
• Now you too can help our cause. Gouru has written Tink It! with automated data submission. It functions a lot like this calculator except its in game (Decal) and it automatically submits your result. Check it out!
Version 1.2.0
• Added the links - some possibly useful tooltips when you select your material.
• Fixed a maybe bug with old versions of Mozilla
• Added the submission page so we can calculate the values of additional material. If you have data to add please use it :)
Version 1.1.4
• Added some new materials that surge found :) Go surge!
• Mucked around and added some maybe useful information
Version 1.1.3
• Applied Karvo's correction to the script. His logic argues that the jump happens when Workmanship and Quality is = hence the change were made to reflect that.
Version 1.1.2
• Drew finds a bug where if the success rate is between 0% and 1% it would automagically multiply it by 100%. I have rewritten the rounding function to correct it. Thanks Drew!
Version 1.1.1
• Rounded the % success so now 0.0000000000198% is .0%! Gasp the inaccuracies...
Version 1.1.0 Release
• The minimum skill ever to tinker something is assumed to be the base difficulty of the material. This is now corrected.
• Added the chance of success
• Made the chance of success update if the tinkering skill required is updated
Version 1.0.0 Release
• Currently I only have the base values for Gold, Iron and Steel. I will make the rest available when I obtain the information.
• I will also attempt to give a chance of success based on your given skill in the future based on response to this.
- Caerthalion / Caeryn Dryad